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"Carol has amazing insight in turning intangible 'strategy' into something tangible"


"Carol is extremely talented and has amazing insight in turning intangible 'strategy' into something tangible - a direct mail package, an online campaign, even a catalog. Our efforts with Carol have earned many awards in our industry, which would not have been achieved without her as a critical member of the team."

—Beth Clough
Direct Marketing Supervisor

Offerings: Creative Consulting

When a client or agency gets stuck, or is looking at a very formidable challenge, Worthington-Levy can provide consulting thats almost unavailable through any other resource.

A typical scenario might be one where a client sends us current work (such as an email campaign, or a catalog, or even a mail piece) that their team or agency is doing. We develop a multiple page written critique breaking down the elements of the work to highlight where best practices are in play, and where theyre not. We make recommendations in writing so that when were done, you have a clear outline of what your next steps are to crafting a better and more successful effort.




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