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"Carol has given us excellent advice and creative counsel that provided the results we needed. Her understanding of B2C and B2B and her thorough knowledge and application of human psychological drivers is her greatest gift. Her keen sense of the creative process has been important to us too."

Todd Alexander
Brand Evangelist, Kreber

Offerings: Training Your Staff

One of the most exciting assignments Worthington-Levy can enjoy is a chance to train your staff. And those we train feel exactly the same way. Carols substantial experience in teaching, including conference seminars, extension colleges such as UCLA and Golden Gate University, gives her special insight as to how to help a creative team to get to the next level.

She watches the light bulbs turn on as your team starts to understand new concepts in selling, offer strategy, and creating impactful copy and design. By the time she finishes a day or two of training, the team is energized and their skill set for finding the best solutions is fine tuned. Plus, they gain knowledge that most creatives never understand, such as offer strategy.




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