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"Well, there are few people you come across in life who leave you super impressed!! Carol is one of the few who accomplishes this in all areas of her life! She has created the artwork, fliers and logo for our Willow Glen Lions Club!! The flyer she just published today, for our upcoming event, is stunning and conveys all there is to convey without being overwhelming. My hat is off to Carol!!"

Rick Loek
President, Willow Glen Lions Club

Portfolio: Brand & Collateral

One of the advantages of having worked for years in the general advertising industry is that Worthington-Levy Creative has substantial brand and collateral experience. This certainly influences the direct marketing work we do, making it more unified across channels. But it also means we're able to help clients with projects such as space advertising, logo and brand development, collateral and much more. We're expert in developing a branded story that both builds a following, and sells, too.

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