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"Carol Worthington Levy is the perfect antidote to what ails any dm piece or catalog.  She can spot trouble with a capital T whether its copy, design or photography.  In her thorough and careful manner, she will demonstrate exactly how each element can achieve the type of performance that has earned her so many loyal clients and coveted awards.

In addition to her daily work she is also a frequent speaker at the DMA and Catalog Conferences, and for good reason: the breadth of her creative knowledge is so vast, and her presentations so fascinating, she is always invited to return. I would encourage anyone who is ever given the chance to work for, under, with, or around Carol to do so without hesitation. You will be a better marketer for having done so. And if shes working for you, well, youre lucky."

Gail Vanderhoof
Creative Director and co-founder, Reach Design, and DMA speaker

Portfolio: Catalogs

Our heritage is rooted deeply in catalogs. There are few more dedicated to, and capable of selling your products and services as proven by our international awards in the catalog field. From simply copywriting or developing cover concepts for our catalog clients, to working soup-to-nuts on catalog projects and redos and even through pagination consulting and coaching our clients creative teams we've helped businesses like yours to see measurable jumps in response.

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